Emergency Covid-19 Response Appeal launched with £20,000 target

Emergency Covid-19 Response Appeal launched with £20,000 target

Toynbee Hall has launched an Emergency Community Response appeal to support the households and families in our community who have faced the worst impacts as a result of the ongoing Covid-19 crisis.

The East End is among the country’s hardest-hit areas. Our frontline staff have seen how people who are already in precarious situations are most at risk of falling through the gaps during the crisis: in particular, those who are in insecure work and overcrowded housing, or are locked out from government support by the no recourse to public funds policy.

All this means people being are being left isolated, unheard and without the support they need. Digital exclusion has become an even more serious issue for those without the technology or skills to navigate the online world: creating a real barrier to many people accessing vital support, benefits and social contact online. We have seen that many adults with no recourse to public funds are struggling to pay for basic provisions to sustain their families, including food.

Together we can reach people who are falling through the gaps during this crisis

We are launching an ongoing Emergency Appeal to raise £20,000 which will directly support people facing the greatest challenges. Whether this is providing an older person with a phone so they can keep in contact with loved ones, or setting up a food bank delivery for a family who are self-isolating and unable to afford basic provisions to live.

Here is how a gift could help:

£6 could pay for an essential shop for an older person who is self-isolating and unable to afford basic provisions

£10 could provide a data top-up for a young person using only their phone to keep up with their schoolwork

£22 could help a digital volunteer connect an isolated person to the digital world – through helping them place their first online grocery shop or access medical advice online

£28 could pay for a quilt, pillow and personal hygiene supplies for someone who has been made temporarily homeless and is being helped back into accommodation

£80 could pay for specialist legal and welfare benefits advice for those at risk of domestic violence or homelessness

£175 could pay for a tablet or recycled laptop for someone who has previously had no connection to online services, support or social networks

To give, please visit our Just Giving campaign page: https://www.justgiving.com/campaign/toynbeehallcovid19

If we are fortunate enough to raise more funds than are needed for these items, we will use your support where it is needed most. For more information about our appeal and how you can support it, please contact our Fundraising Team:


020 7392 2970


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  1. Rose says:

    Hi. The furloughed Facebook group requested help with managing/supporting volunteers. This is my background-have supported volunteers for last 16 years.
    Please call if I can help. Rose 07843207595

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