Linkage Plus

What is Linkage Plus?

Linkage Plus is an innovative project for people over 50 living in Tower Hamlets.

Borough wide, it is based out of five hubs – Age UK East London, Neighbours in Poplar, Peabody at Sundial, Sonali Gardens and Toynbee Hall.

The outreach workers visit sheltered schemes, Ideas Stores and other places to offer their services and meet people who may be interested in taking part in our activities.

Linkage Plus works with Older people to improve their wellbeing and increase their social networks and tackle isolation. It is co-funded by Tower Hamlets Council and the Tower Hamlets Clinical Commissioning Group, aiming to help people stay active and make the most of life.

What can Linkage Plus offer?

English National Balley Movement session

• One-to-one support at home or a place of convenience such as a cafe

• Benefit, debt, pension, and money management support• Have your voice, have your say about local matters

• IT learning, training and support that suits you

• Social activities such as coffee mornings and tea clubs

• Health promotion e.g. healthy heart talks, diet and nutrition, dementia and falls prevention workshops

• Fitness sessions in your local area – chair based fitness, tai chi, Zumba, Yoga and walking groups

• Support accessing the hubs and their activities, singing, art, trips to local museums and galleries

Whether you are 50 or 90, Linkage Plus may have something for you

Email: , call 0207 392 2913 or drop in to our Wellbeing Centre at
28 Commercial Street, London, E1 6LS.

Linkage Plus Partners

Linkage Plus is based out of five hubs – Age UK East London, Neighbours in Poplar, Peabody at Sundial, Sonali Gardens and Toynbee Hall. Here are the details for our partners

Age UK East London

Caxton Community Centre, Caxton Grove, E3 2EE

Call 0203 954 3202  Email them here

Visit their website
Neighbours in Poplar

St Matthias Community Centre, 113 Poplar High Street, E14 0AE

Call 0207 531 0190 Email them here

Visit their website

Peabody at Sundial

Sundial Centre, 11 Shipton Street, E2 7RU

Call 0203 828 3928 Email them here Visit their website

St Hilda’s

Sonali Gardens, 79 Tarling Street, E1 0AT

Call 0207 265 9292 Email them here Visit their website

I look forward to meeting friends, getting to know people and having intelligent conversations”

Ali, 69

Since joining Linkage Plus I have done things i have never tried before”

Jane, 71

The variety of activities and the support offered is terrific”

Marian, 84

Meeting new people, makiing new friends and keeping active is what makes Linkage Plus so rewarding”

Ruth, 79

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