Invitation to Express an Interest – Social Media Marketing

Invitation to Express an Interest – Social Media Marketing

Project Purpose

Toynbee Hall works to make London a fairer and happier place to be. A big part of our work is supporting people from the community in through providing high quality advice.  We have recently had funding to create legal information checklists around challenges that people we advise face. These checklists aim to educate members of the local and wider community about their legal rights and how to uphold them.

Toynbee Hall is developing information packs in the following areas of the law:

a.            Housing (rent arrears and evictions, transferring tenancies)

b.            Family (co-parenting, domestic abuse)

c.             Employment (schedule of loss, disability discrimination and reasonable adjustments)

d.            Civil law (discrimination in shops, remote hearings)

e.            Racial Equality (stop and search)

We need your support to get this information to the people who most need it. As an organisation we have a strong reputation across the sector for doing good work but our social media reach to people who are not already connected into referring service services is low. We are really aware that people who most need access to this information probably won’t come on our website to find it. So we need your help to package this information in a way that is helpful and meaningful to those people. And to get it to them.

So we are seeking creatives with a track record of reaching diverse communities and successfully overcoming barriers to accessing information. Central to this will be the ability to challenge perceptions, which seek to exclude and disempower people from diverse communities. E.g. ‘the law is not something I can understand’.  ‘There is no point trying to understand my rights, as they will be trampled on anyway’, ‘there is no help out there for people like us’ etc.

We think that this is likely to involve editing the content we’ve already put together, working with people we are trying to reach to test and provide content, and working with people who are already trusted in this space as well as taking part in conversations in groups dedicated to this kind of work. We will want all video and photo content to have appropriate captions to increase accessibility.

What we need from you is a commitment to really understanding where the people we want to reach with information are and what they want, the bravery to challenge us around the way we present information, the skills to create content yourself that will help direct people to the information and the humility and collaborative spirit to reach out and work with others where they have a platform that will reach the people who most need this help.

In order to achieve this Toynbee Hall are looking to work with individuals or organisations with proven experience in:

  • developing understanding of and reach with audiences of people experiencing injustice and discrimination
  • creating content that is accessible and accurate for these audiences
  • using social media to reach these audiences and to build the connection between them and the organisations they work with.


  • Find and work with people with lived experience of needing the kind of advice our packs cover, and create content with them about the importance of knowing your rights. (Our expectation is that people will be paid at least LLW for their time)
  • Edit our video and audio content to be more accessible, useful and interesting.
  • Develop and deliver a dissemination plan that builds engagement with Toynbee Hall’s social platforms and our advice pages on the website, from people who need advice.


Primary audience:           People experiencing disadvantage because they don’t know their rights

Secondary Audience:     Professionals who can direct to this advice

Tertiary Audience:          Other people interested in social justice


Our budget for this project is £4500 including VAT, and all expenses. We are a charitable organisation with limited budgets so we would be happy to hear of any added value that you can provide as part of your proposal. 

As an organisation committed to making the East of London a fairer and happier place to live and work we are particularly interested in applications from local organisations/ individuals, especially those that have a social mission. Lived experience of structural inequality and or/ using advice services is welcomed as an asset in creating respectful content.

Employment would be via a freelance contract so you would be responsible for paying your own tax and National Insurance contributions.  It is expected that everyone involved in this project is paid London Living Wage.


  1. New content of at least a 1 minute video for each subject area

  2. Editing of existing videoed conversations, and panels into digestible and sharable content with appropriate captions, and end cards with directions to checklists. (a minimum of 10 shareable assets created)

  3. Creation and delivery of a dissemination plan that creates over a 10 week period social engagement of 10k unique individuals (likes, follows, comments, shares and video views across channels), with 1000 click throughs to information pages. Specifically targeting engagement from priority audiences.

  4. Final meeting with breakdown of successes and challenges of delivery and learning points for the team to take forward.

*Please note – we are open to persuasion. If you think other activity/ deliverables will help us meet our objectives better – we’d love for you to suggest alternatives in you EOI.


Please submit an Expression of Interest to by Wednesday 14th April.

8th April 2021 – Proposal released

14th April 2021 – 9am EOI received. The expression of interest should include your timetable of work, link to other pieces of work you’ve undertaken, any experience you have of successfully undertaking this kind of work. And a brief plan of how you think you’d get this done in the timescale.

19th April 2021 – Conversations with shortlisted agencies

21st  April 2021 – successful developer/ designer commissioned, Delivery timetable and meet schedule for project agreed. Alongside delivery milestones for payment.

15th May 2021 – content signed off and first new content released.

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