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When We Speak Launch Event - Faeturing the Nawi Collective

Toynbee Hall launch new youth activism project, ‘When We Speak’

The new project aims to equip young people aged between 15 and 25 to run their own social impact projects On Tuesday 1st October, Toynbee Hall launched a new youth activism project to support young people in East London to make a difference in their communities. Kicking off this October with a series of public…
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Beyond Age and Income: Encouraging Savings Behaviours

People on lower incomes are just as likely to be active savers as those who earn higher amounts, once essential needs are met

Beyond Age and Income, a new report by Toynbee Hall, supported by Building Societies Association, explores people’s actual savings patterns. Financial services providers should design and offer more products to people on lower incomes to encourage saving and build financial resilience among this underserved group, Beyond Age and Income, Encouraging Saving Behaviours finds. The myth…
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When We Speak: Youth Activism Project Launch ft Nawi Collective – 1st October

Launching Toynbee Hall’s new youth activism project ‘When We Speak’ which aims to equip young people to run their own social impact project This October, Toynbee Hall is launching the pilot to our new Youth activism project to support young people in East London in making a difference in their area in partnership with Nawi…
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Artist and residential volunteer Roxanne Williams paints during Open House Weekend at Toynbee Hall

Meet our new Residential Voluntary Workers

Last month we were delighted to welcome three new Residential Voluntary Workers at Toynbee Hall – the second cohort since we re-launched this historic programme in summer 2018. Residential volunteers have lived and worked with the communities surrounding Toynbee Hall since our foundation in 1884, with notable examples including Clement Attlee and William Beveridge. Today,…
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A legacy for change: thank you to John Osborne

A long-term supporter of Toynbee Hall has left his mark on our work by leaving a generous gift in his will. John Osborne, who gave donations to Toynbee Hall for more than 30 years of his life, left Toynbee Hall an unrestricted gift of 2% of his estate – a remarkable contribution towards a future…
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Wellbeing Centre secures multi-year funding from Tower Hamlets

We are delighted to have been awarded three years of funding from the Tower Hamlets Local Community Fund for our work empowering older people in our community. Over the next three and a half years, this significant contribution will allow older people aged 50-100+ to tackle loneliness and work together to bring about change in…
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Proms at St Jude’s supports Toynbee Hall’s youth work

Toynbee Hall has once again been supported by the Proms at St Jude’s Festival in north London, which raised £45,000 for our work with young people through ticket sales and bucket collections during the week-long festival in late June. Proms audiences have been generous supporters of Toynbee Hall’s youth projects for 19 years, raising a…
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Toward a fairer justice systemt - Richard Lomax

Toward a Fairer Legal System

With Richard Lomax, Free Legal Advice Centre (FLAC) Volunteer In the first of a series of video entries about how to create a fairer legal system for all, Richard Lomax, a long-term volunteer at Toynbee Hall’s FLAC and former Crown Prosecutor, shares his ideas for radical legal reform with Jasmine Ashley, FLAC Manager. Richard presents…
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New ESOL classes starting at Toynbee Hall

New ESOL Classes starting at Toynbee Hall

Come along for a chat and an assessment on Wednesday 28th August  2019, 9.30am Do you want to improve your English skills, become more confident and meet some new people? Our English for speakers of other langauges (ESOL) course is starting this September. If you want to get better at speaking, listening, reading and writing…
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Toynbee Hall offers free and impartial, expert debt advice

Our ambition: A Debt Free London

By Matt Dronfield, Head of Debt Free London A staggering 1.6 million Londoners live every day with problem debt. They might face arrears for punishingly high rent or for council tax. Matt Dronfield, Head of Debt Free London, the London-wide debt advice partnership shares what we’re doing to achieve our ambition of a debt free…
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