A message from departing Chief Executive Jim Minton

A message from departing Chief Executive Jim Minton

Jim is handed a leaving gift, a painting of Toynbee Hall, by two of our Community Centre members

After 5 years Jim is leaving Toynbee Hall to become Chief Executive of the Mayor’s Fund for London and shares some final reflections on his time here.

As you may already know, I am completing my time at Toynbee Hall, as I am leaving after 5 years here to become Chief Executive of another charity, the Mayor’s Fund for London, working to create opportunities for young people across the capital.

It has been a huge privilege and joy to have been part of Toynbee Hall these past years. In that time we’ve completed the wonderful redevelopment of our halls and spaces; and lived through the huge challenges of Covid and its impact on the communities around us.  As a friend and supporter of our work, I wanted to thank you very much for all your support and commitment to us and to those communities throughout all of this time.

Our communities face deepening challenges, with the impact of the cost of living crisis  adding to the multiple barriers people face every day. So it continues to be vital that Toynbee Hall should be here, open, engaging, welcoming and supporting the people around us in East London, not only to get direct support for themselves, but vitally to work together to make change.

I know we have made some positive progress in my time here and am very proud of what we’ve achieved together. The team have worked so hard every day, alongside local people, to create a true place of hope and of possibility, very much in the spirit of how our predecessors imagined Toynbee Hall, but aligned to – and led by – the needs of people today and for the future.

Although I am sad to leave, I am really confident in the team that they will  keep responding, engaging, supporting and learning with and from the community, in pursuit of a fairer and happier future, long after I have gone. They will continue to need your support and encouragement, so thank you so much for your continuing engagement with us and our work.

In terms of what happens next, our Trustees have successfully recruited an Interim CEO, Alex Botha, who will take over the reins for the next few months starting in mid-August. The recruitment for a permanent Chief Executive will start over the coming weeks and I know we will have some incredible candidates for what is a wonderful role and responsibility.

I will of course keep very, very many fond memories and will always keep a look out for how Toynbee Hall is progressing. It has been a real honour, and the team and trustees will continue the work to shape a fairer and happier future together.

Thank you again for your continued commitment to and support for Toynbee Hall.

All best wishes, Jim Minton.

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  1. Mat says:

    Good luck for the future Jim.

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