The recession is here… what now for graduates?

The recession is here… what now for graduates?

The recession is here… what now for graduates?

Free Legal Advice Centre volunteer, Laura S M Humayun, describes the challenges and shares her fears as a graduate looking to start her career at a time of recession.

The consequences of the coronavirus pandemic are already visible as we are now entering the first recession in 11 years. Our livelihoods have changed completely. Undeniably, we have all somehow been impacted and the difficulties may continue for an indefinite period.

I graduated last summer and worked as a paralegal for several months before the lockdown. I just put my foot in the working field with the intention to build on the experience. This unprecedented period has been challenging.

Job opportunities seem to be limited and internships or volunteering positions are changing with the demand of remote work. The busy central London offices I worked at seem like a distant future now.

My post-graduation period was already filled with anxieties of trying to find a stable job. Due to the pandemic, students and recent graduates seem to have more anxieties on top of the usual worries when job hunting and planning their futures.

During the lockdown, I did not see myself continuing my last job. Attempting to be realistic about my future goals pushed me down a never-ending spiral of negativity. Constant news about the situation of the current economy are petrifying. I feel as though perhaps I am not equipped for any of this. I do not know what to expect when looking for a job and feel terrified to apply.

What skills are required to cope with these new working methods and changing interactions? Are my qualifications and limited experiences enough to stand out from the crowd?

Despite these negative thoughts, I did make one important achievement during this pandemic. I finally had the opportunity to develop my hobbies. My passion for social justice and women rights have led me into a legal career. I am realising there are a variety of ways I can make a change in this world. Instead of looking at career options going only in one direction, I am considering alternative paths. I am building on interests and understanding what my best skills are. This helps me to consider where they can be applied and how I can continue to work on them.

Perhaps this recession will continue to bring many more worries for young adults and recent graduates. We are always our own worst critics and fail to see all the achievements and resilience we practice on a daily basis. I hope this challenging time can bring forth real passions and goals that we can work towards.

By Laura S M Humayun

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