The Fine Details…

The Fine Details…

Keith Greenough and Theresa Dhaliwal Davies – September 2018

The official opening of Toynbee Hall’s wonderfully restored old hall is fast approaching and finishing touches of the redevelopment are being put in place.

The new entrance hall has wonderful and unique light wood furniture. The hallway surrounding the original staircase has an exhibit celebrating Toynbee Hall’s links with Victorian social reformer Charles Booth. The history of the place is set out on a series of clipboards that visitors can study. These are displayed throughout the heritage centre. Even the golden flowers on the walls of the Ashby Hall have a new glow!

In the next week we shall be installing some of my photographs of the redevelopment in the upper gallery space. I am so pleased to be able to play a small part in recording and celebrating Toynbee Hall’s rich history.

During my visit I spoke to Theresa who is working hard to engage the community with this rich history

Hello I’m the part time Heritage Volunteer Coordinator and I am working on the heritage activity plan – this means delivering a series of community heritage-focused projects, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

I normally work for the cultural /arts sector and this is my first experience of working for a charity – and a charity that works towards eradicating poverty and disadvantage, offering multiple community services.

I am responsible for supporting our first three residential voluntary workers, who are currently devising a programme of arts, immersive experiences, storytelling, debates and talks.  They are using our archive of Toynbee’s work past and present – of social action, advice, financial inclusion, learning and wellbeing.

With this in mind, I am keen to recruit more volunteers who want to be involved supporting our heritage community programme! We are looking for volunteers that can give a bit of their time to support our projects – the practicalities of event programming, running a venue and promoting exhibitions in our recently restored Halls.

If you live, work, study or use our services we would be keen for you to get involved and volunteer to be part of our unique heritage community programme – so please give us a bell or email-


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