Labour Leader Keir Starmer speaks at Toynbee Hall, a symbol of inclusivity and diversity in East London

Labour Leader Keir Starmer speaks at Toynbee Hall, a symbol of inclusivity and diversity in East London

Today, Wednesday 15th February 2023, Labour Party Leader Sir Keir Starmer delivered a speech at Toynbee Hall, an organisation with a long history of hosting political leaders and promoting inclusivity and diversity. In his address, Sir Keir marked the end of the Equality and Human Rights Commission’s monitoring of the Labour Party, reflecting on the hard work and humility required to rebuild trust with the Jewish community and others who were appalled by the party’s culture under the previous leadership.

Starmer promised zero tolerance for antisemitism, racism, or discrimination of any kind under his leadership and invited those who share his vision to join in the effort to restore and renew the party on behalf of the country. He concluded by promising to work tirelessly to change the Labour Party and the country for the better, saying that he will not rest until these jobs are complete.

Toynbee Hall in East London has a long history of influencing and driving social change, including the establishment of the welfare state. Many notable political figures have made major policy announcements at the organization, including Clement Attlee, Tony Blair, and Liam Byrne. For over 140 years, Toynbee Hall has hosted thousands of events aimed at creating a happier and fairer society, providing advice services such as Debt Free Advice, and working with communities on activities, research, and social action.

Toynbee Hall believes that everyone should be able to participate in democratic processes free from antisemitism, racism, and all other forms of prejudice. To make democracy truly representative, all parties need to root out discrimination in all its forms. As a place where policymakers and communities can connect, Toynbee Hall is starting a monthly get-together for policymakers, community members, community organizations, and funders to connect and share knowledge. Sign up to join and develop this new forum together:

If you would like to find out more about the history of Toynbee Hall and the political leaders who have visited, visit our digital archive at The digital archive showcases landmark stories of reform and social action from Toynbee Hall and uses them to inspire people who are facing similar hardships today, and to find new solutions to social problems.

If you’re interested in hiring out our historic halls and fantastic meeting and events spaces, they are available for hire. Please contact us to find out more by calling 020 7392 2920.


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