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Welfare Benefits Advice

What we do

City Advice provides free impartial advice on benefit issues to help people understand what benefits they are entitled to and assist in challenging benefits decisions.

We also help those who are on low incomes, who are sick or disabled to understand their rights.

If you are struggling to understand your benefits entitlement or need help to know how and what to claim, we can help. Our free expert benefits advice service will give impartial and confidential help with benefits and welfare to people living, working or studying in the City of London.

How an advisor can help you

How to contact an advisor

Benefits changes

With recent changes to welfare reform, the way you receive benefits and what you may be entitled might soon change. Many existing benefits are ending and a new benefits system is coming in, universal credit will soon replace many existing benefits, our advisors can help you to understand how your benefits will change and provide any further support you may require.

We give free advice on welfare and benefits including:

- Attendance allowance
- Carers allowance
- Child benefit
- Child tax credit
- Disability living allowance
- Housing benefit
- Income support
- Jobseekers allowance

The Direct Gov website has a benefits section that contains information on all the types of benefits and criteria for eligibility. 

Turn2us have produced an online benefits advisor tool to help you check your entitlement for certain benefits.

I was in a bad way when a neighbour suggested I call City Advice for help. I have a long term health condition and I had just received a letter telling me that I wasn’t considered eligible for Disability Living Allowance. This was a real blow for me as I was struggling with my condition and finances and I was really anxious about my future. City Advice did more than advise me, they took the time to help me to appeal my claim and thankfully I won and even got some backdated pay. I don’t know what I would have done without them."  
Mohammed's Story

I visited the City Advice drop-in for help when my benefits were stopped.  It’s a long story but I suffer from severe depression as I was imprisoned and tortured for my political beliefs. I have no family in the UK as I had to leave them all behind when I came here in 2001. When I first went to City Advice I was in a bad situation. I had no money and I was getting into arrears with my rent. City Advice were able to help me to appeal the decision and get my benefits reinstated. I cannot begin to think what I would have done if I had not found them. Life is better now and I hope to be able to afford to see my family this year."
Albert's Story