Pandemic Stories – The impact of Covid-19

Pandemic Stories

The impact of Covid-19

A Participatory Action Research project exploring the experiences of Londoners disproportionately affected by the COVID-19 crisis and their policy recommendations for a fairer future for all.

Pandemic Stories, supported by Thrive LDN, is about community-led action by people with lived experience of surviving the pandemic in the hardest of circumstances.

August 2021
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The Pandemic Stories podcast

Pandemic Stories is a new series of podcasts from Toynbee Hall, supported by Thrive LDN, looking at the disproportionate impact coronavirus is having on Londoners hardest hit because of low income, disability, racial background, or housing.
Hosted by Halima Begum, CEO of The Runnymede Trust, and Toynbee Hall Trustee, the researchers discuss the findings from their participatory action research project and the impact on their lives of the COVID-19 crisis. You can read the findings from the research in the report above.

Episode 1: Shame

In the first episode we discuss how the shame families feel when they cannot cope financially is damaging their sense of self-worth.

Halima is joined by Peer Researchers Anwar, Agustina and Jennifer.

Episode 2: Pressure to support others

In episode 2, we discuss how many Londoners are under pressure to support friends and family through the crisis, but how this isn’t a sustainable long-term solution.

Halima is joined by Peer Researchers: Angela, Ashrafia, Jennifer and Siraj.

Episode 3: Powerlessness

In this episode, we discuss how the feeling of powerlessness over future finances and employment is driving anxiety in working age people.
Halima is joined by Peer Researchers, Kamrul, Laura and Siraj and guests: Professor Mauricio Avendano, Professor of Public Policy and Global Health and Head of the Department of Global Health and Social Medicine Kings College London and Dr Sotiris Vandoros, Reader in Health Economics at King’s Business School, King’s College London.

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