Community Money Mentors

Community Money Mentors

Community Money Mentors is our money management learning programme which provides people across London with the financial skills and knowledge to improve their financial health. They then train as mentors so they can pass their newfound knowledge onto others in their communities.

This project will be delivered with partnerships in North, South, East and West London and programme is open to anybody who wants to improve their money management skills or wants to support other people in their communities to be more financially confident.

We’ve found that the training has had four main impacts on participants in the programme:

Increased knowledge

The mentors evaluated groups reported acquiring new knowledge on a range of topics including priority and non-priority debts, prioritising spending and saving through online shopping.

Improved money management skills

In the most recent year of the project the proportion of Money Mentors reporting being okay or very good at managing their money more than doubled from 43% to 94% and budgeting also improved

Enhanced savings habit

Just over half of the sample reported having saved money by changing payment method, tariff, supplier or borrowing.

Increased confidence

They reported being more aware of their rights as consumers and opportunities to switch. Many had challenged existing service providers to lower their offer or had switched provider.

Out of last year’s participants…

Delivered sessions

in their communities

Increased their savings

Have reduced their debts

By becoming a Money Mentor, you will:

• Receive a nationally recognised qualification (entry level 3)
• Receive 60 hours of training
• Build confidence in managing your own finances and save money
• Learn the skills of mentoring
• Help your community gain the confidence and skills to manage their money
• Build on the skills you already have
• Once qualified you will have the chance to join a money mentor support network

To find a course running near you or for more information, email

 I started out as a Money Mentor at a point in my life when my financial future had become unclear. I went from being employed full-time to being made redundant and losing my job. As a parent to two young children this was particularly worrying and the financial strain did eventually effect my health. On the Money Mentors course I learnt basic money management skills, budgeting, supermarket tricks, and how to do an income and expenditure calculation, which greatly improved my confidence and gave me the ability to better control not only my finances but my life too.”


Money Mentor and Money Trainer

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