Learning programmes

Learning programmes

Through our learning programmes, we aim to impove people’s skills, provide the tools to open access to opportunities and inspire them to make positive social change. Take a look at the learning opportunities we offer.

Money Mentors

Community Money Mentors, Toynbee Hall’s free money management course, helps people to make savings, avoid getting in debt and find the best available offers and financial services available.

This course gives people the skills and knowledge to improve their own personal finances and then share this knowledge in their community.

Find out more about Money Mentors

Toynbee Hall History and Drama workshops and assemblies for schools and colleges running now!

We are running a range of Social History, Social Change and Social Action projects in partnership with schools, sixth form colleges, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and the Building a Stronger Britain Together.

If you are interested in finding out more about these unique free-of-charge opportunities, please contact Lisa Wilkinson or call 0207 392 2986.

Study Tours for groups

The work of Toynbee Hall is known around the world and we are now able to host study groups for tours and talks about our history and our work today. If you would be interested in booking a tour, please make an enquiry.