MAP Tool

MAP Tool

Measuring the financial wellbeing of the people you help

Whether you are a charity, a social enterprise or another agency, the MAP Tool can help you assess the financial health of the people you support and show the impact your work has on their lives.

Toynbee Hall is excited to announce that we are developing an innovative financial wellbeing measurement tool, called the MAP Tool. The MAP Tool will support organisations across the UK to assess need and track the impact of financial advice and inclusion services and support. By creating a common assessment Tool for use across the country, we hope to build a stronger, more sustainable sector, through sharing learning about what works. A common evaluation framework will mean that we all start to speak in the same language and this will facilitate further discussion and debate within the sector.

The MAP Tool has been developed to:

• Capture accurate, valid data to assess and track the financial wellbeing of a service user at any point during the support process
• Enable organisations to collect and store data so that they can:
a) Understand the needs of their service users better
b) Improve their services
c) Gather evidence to show strong outcomes for funders
d) Compare service outcomes across projects using a common evaluation framework
• Highlight shared issues that might be encountered by organisations and their services users throughout the UK, creating strong evidence for change, environment and behaviour patterns

This project is being generously funded by the Citi Foundation.

About the MAP Tool:

The MAP Tool is the first of its kind, as a web-based system that records financial wellbeing information.  The MAP Tool is now available for use by organisations across the UK.

We have been working on this groundbreaking project since 2007.

We have developed the Tool with detailed input from over 200 sector experts and practitioners. Designed by the sector for the sector, our aim has been to provide practitioners with a user-friendly, holistic-assessment and monitoring tool that can help ensure clients receive the most effective help.

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