Housing, Consumer and Debt

Housing, Consumer and Debt

For an appointment by phone, please complete the online Initial Assessment form below.

We can help with:

    • Council house provision
    • Eviction
    • Overcrowding
    • Disrepair
    • Neighbours
  • Fitness for habitation

We also advise on consumer rights issues, including disputes with banks, insurance companies, phone and utility companies, traders and service providers, faulty goods, fraud – bank accounts, identity fraud.

We also provide debt advice at this session.

What do I need for my appointment?

    • Tenancy agreement, letter from your landlord – if you are renting- or mortgage details – if you have a mortgage
    • Any court papers
    • Title deeds – if you own your home
    • Lease – if you are a long leaseholder
  • Proof of your income – wage slips, benefit letters, tax credits

Consumer problems

    • Full details of the goods or services causing the issue
    • Court documents or legal agreements
  • Proof of your income – wage slips, benefit letters, tax credits

Debt and money problems

    • Details of your income – wage slips, benefit letters, tax credits
    • Bank statement – latest copy
    • Details of those you owe money to and how much – latest statements and demands for payments
    • Copy of the original loan agreements
    • Copy of any court papers
    • Details of your household expenditure: how much you spend on food, transport, phone, energy bills etc
  • Copy of the latest correspondence you have received – e. g: letters from bailiffs

For more support visit Debt Free Advice, London’s Debt Advice Partnership led by Toynbee Hall. Call 0800 808 5700

To book an appointment, your matter will need to be assessed by the Initial Assessment team.

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