Women Only General Advice

Women Only General Advice

Please note: These sessions are by appointment only (1st and 3rd Saturday each Month).

To book an appointment, please complete the online form below so that we can initially assess your issue. We are currently unable to offer any face-to-face advice and all appointments will be done over the phone. 

Spaces at these sessions are incredibly limited. You may be allocated to another session instead, so please make clear to our staff if you would like an adviser of your own gender.

We provide general advice for women only during this session. We can offer legal advice on

  • Employment
  • Housing
  • Family issues, including domestic violence or forced marriages
  • Consumer issues

Advice is provided by volunteer women legal solicitors only, there may be Bengali translators present.

Please note: Areas of law dealt with at this session will depend on the advisers attending.

What shall I bring with me at the session?

Housing problems

  • Tenancy agreement, letters from your landlord – if you’re renting mortgage details – if you have a mortgage
  • Court papers
  • Title deeds – if you own your home
  • Proof of income – wage slips, benefit letters, tax credits.

Employment problems

  • Copy of your employment contract
  • Details of any disciplinary, grievance or dismissal issues
  • Recent letters from your employer
  • Staff handbook
  • Copy of employment tribunal applications – if you have made any
  • Proof of income – wage slips, benefit letters, tax credits.

Family and personal issues

  • Documents relating to the issue
  • Court documents or legal agreements
  • Proof of income – wage slips, benefit letters, tax credits
  • copy of divorce papers.

Other problems

Any paperwork, letters or other correspondence relating to the issue.

For more support:

Please call us on 020 7392 2978

Email flac@toynbeehall.org.uk

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