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COVID-19: Understanding your legal rights 

The Free Legal Advice Centre at Toynbee Hall has produced a series of resources to help you understand and exercise your legal rights during the Coronavirus outbreak.


No recourse to public funds – support available to people with dependants

Free Legal Advice Centre Volunteer, Laura S M Humayun explains what having no recourse to public funds means and what is support is available.

July 2020
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Coronavirus Act 2020
For Housing

The Coronavirus outbreak requires most of us to stay at home and practice social distancing. Many are unable to work, have lost their jobs or cannot earn their full income. As a result, some cannot meet their basic needs such as housing costs.

May 2020
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Cybercrime and fraud during Coronavirus lockdown

We are all spending more time at home and online because of the lockdown measures. Criminals have now changed their tactics to take advantage of the current situation. . It is important to understand what may be a scam and how to best stay safe.

May 2020
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Coronavirus lockdown’s impact on domestic abuse in the UK

Now more than ever, homes should provide a safe and sound environment for all families and individuals. The government’s guidance to protect us against COVID-19 has introduced some challenges for those suffering from domestic abuse.

May 2020
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Coronavirus Act 2020: Furlough and the Job Retentions Scheme

In this time of national emergency, many employers are putting their employees on “furlough” under the government’s Job Retention Scheme. These FAQs provide some answers as general guidance. Please contact a local CAB, law centre or our own Free Legal Advice Centre if you require advice about your rights and entitlements.

April 2020
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