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The Free Legal Advice Centre

Free, confidential and high quality legal advice.

The Free Legal Advice Centre at Toynbee Hall has been running for 125 years and is the world’s most continuously running free legal advice centre.

Each year we provide thousands of people with free legal assistance on a range of issues within UK law. We are a volunteer-run advice service, and we provide quality assured legal advice to people across London. Our volunteers are a mix of barristers, solicitors, trainee solicitors and law students.

If you would like to make an appointment to see a legal advisor, please complete the Initial Assessment form below.

What to expect at your advice appointment

Here’s more information on what the Free Legal Advice Centre can and cannot offer.

Please note: we always try our best to ensure that you are seen on time.

What we CAN do

• Provide confidential legal advice

• Offer one-off appointments

What we CANNOT do

• Represent you in court or at a tribunal

• Do any casework on your behalf

• Guarantee any repeat appointments received will be with an adviser you have seen in the past.

• Receive documents by email / post from you or third parties.

•Guarantee that you will be seen at the time your appointment was booked for, as appointments sometimes run over.

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New clients

To book an appointment, please complete the online form below so that we can initially assess your issue.

Returning clients

All returning clients please complete the online form below. We will then assess whether or not we are able to assist you further. Please note this is an answer-phone service.

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