Help with debt problems

Help with debt problems

If your debts are mounting up and you’re struggling with money, get help from the City of London debt advice service, City Advice, before it gets worse.

City Advice can provide you with free, impartial, confidential, debt advice on all kinds of debt problems. From advice on credit or store cards to council tax arrears, mortgage problems, court fines or bankruptcy.

We can assist you in sorting out your debts, go through the options for dealing with your debts and your creditors as well as helping you understand and deal with:

• Bankruptcy
• Debt relief orders
• Individual voluntary arrangements
• Administration orders

Advice on ways out of debt

If you are in debt it is vital that you take action fast to sort the situation out. The sooner you act the sooner you can start resolving the problem. Understanding the differences in your debts and prioritising them so you deal with urgent debts first will help the situation. Don’t panic but do take immediate action to deal with the situation.

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How we’ve helped others with their debts

Shamiya’s story

Shamiya contacted us when she received a County Court action for utility arrears of over £2,000. Shamiya’s debt had escalated as the utility meter hadn’t been read for some time resulting in an unexpected bill that she couldn’t afford to pay. She contacted the utility company to try and resolve the issue but the dispute rumbled on without a resolution until she received the summons to appear in court.

Shamiya contacted our advice line and met with one of our advisers. After a brief assessment we were able to challenge the action of the utility company and as a result we secured a reduction in the original charge from £2,000 to £800. We also came to an agreement to pay back the rest of the debt in an affordable monthly sum which enabled Shamiya to clear her debt over a fixed period of time.

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