Videos and Podcasts

Videos and Podcasts

Did you miss out on a When We Speak learning seminar and want to catch up on the amazing speakers and the content provided? This is exactly where you need to be! Find the videos and podcasts of our incredible guest speakers below

Vol.6 Rescheduled with Burnt Roti

Sharan from Burnt Roti created an incredibly inclusive space last week for When We Speak Volume 6 that was hosted by Toynbee Hall’s fantastic Ripon Ray. Sharan was pleasantly overwhelmed with the engaging questions from the attendees which made a very safe and open space to talk about controversies in South Asian communities. There were crucial discussions about some sensitive topics such as being labelled as a ‘diversity hire’, the differences in treatment between male and female queers and the incredibly difficult situations families can put people in. Sharan approached all of these topics with an appropriate amount of humour while giving some extremely powerful advice. We owe Sharan a massive thank you for offering her story about the origins of Burnt Roti and her life challenges.

‘I Sent You a Voice Note’ by Deborah Shorindé

An intimate & funny audio portrait looking at the relationship between black girls during 2020. 15-year-old Joanna Shorindé reflects on the relief of black sisterhood in a time of great uncertainty. Featuring authentic WhatsApp voice notes, “I Sent You a Voice Note” celebrates the love between found family. 

Vol.8 with Mary Stretch

Last week it was inspirational to hear Mary Stretch in celebration of Black excellence and Black History Month which was hosted by Moriam (founder of the Hajra Foundation). Mary spoke about her experiences through her multi-industry career and more specifically her struggles of being one of the first black producers/journalists/reporters at the BBC. Many will be motivated to take on Mary’s resilient mindset as well as adopting authentic confidence! If you are starting a business or project listen carefully to Mary’s tips that are 17 minutes into the session. They are extremely helpful and impressive. Please note that Volume 8 was hosted over Zoom and the Wi-Fi dips in and out which makes the video lag for the first 10 minutes but it does level out after this, the audio is clear so please bear with it!

Vol.7 with gal-dem

It was a pleasure to have gal-dem’s social media manager, Shanice Dover as our guest for When We Speak Volume 7 that was hosted by Brookemorgan (founder of She Oath) and Aliyah (founder of Pupil Power)! A massive thank you goes out to Shanice for offering her experience and knowledge on social media tools and how to tackle building a purposeful brand and marketing strategy. It was fantastic to see young people engaging with Shanice’s expertise on how to properly engage with particular audiences on social media.  Also, the session had insightful discussions on predominant issues with social media and in wider society such as data controls (with reference to The Social Dilemma), racist microagressions being futhered or brought light through various platforms and advice with entering the journalism industry and making it more representative. All these discussions are imperative to further change in our communities and we have to praise and thank Shanice and those attending for offering healthy discussions on these societal issues!

Catch the whole recorded session below:

Pupil Power at Thomas Buxton School

The brilliant Lottie Cooke from Pupil Power spoke about the power of activism at Thomas Buxton School. Thomas Buxton have chosen an excellent theme for the school year, activism and everyone at When We Speak are super excited! The children in year 5 and 6 really enjoyed the session with Pupil Power and were engaged throughout. After the talk the children at Thomas Buxton looked at the Bristol Bus Boycott and how one person or a few can have a big impact on society! The school is also doing work on how to change their curriculum to make it more inclusive for all.

Find the session below:

Nsukka Is Burning by Deborah Shorindé

Produced by Deborah Shorindé, Nsukka is Burning explores how writers from Nsukka, a university town in South Eastern Nigeria, have continued to bloom in spite of erasure and exile. Cultivating some of the most formidable voices in African literature, like Chinua Achebe, Ifeoma Okoye and Chimamanda Adichie, this Igbo town has burned bright as a beacon of resistance in Nigeria. Nsukka’s harmattan season brings about an unusual chill but this is likely the only cold thing about this place. As one of the first areas invaded and burned in the Nigerian Biafran war, we trace Nsukka’s history of creativity right through to the stories and spaces of resilience that exist today. Presented by the award-winning playwright and poet, Inua Ellams. 

Find the audio documentary below:

Vol. 5 with Black Thrive.

On 2nd September, When We Speak had our first virtual session. Volume 5 in collaboration with Black Thrive was a phenomenal talk. Thank you to Natalie who spoke about the origins of Black Thrive, identified the current issues around delivering mental health services to black communities and offered a research informed alternative to breaking down the barriers to unequal treatment. The session ended with tips on self-care and healing when tackling big societal issues, advice I know everyone took onboard. Everyone learnt so much from the session and we ow a massive thank you to Natalie and the Black Thrive team!