Our New Community Spaces

Toynbee Hall’s New Community Spaces

In March 2019 Toynbee Hall will be opening a brand-new community garden space, the final part of an extensive, five-year redevelopment of our historic estate in the East End of London. 

We are delighted to be inviting supporters of our work to share this momentous occasion, and to hear more about how the new spaces will help us achieve our vision for a fairer, happier and better connected East London.

The completion of the garden marks the end of our capital redevelopment – a huge project which has transformed our formerly dilapidated historic estate and created brand-new spaces in which local people can live, work and have fun. The garden space will be particularly important for local people working and living in our part of Tower Hamlets – as well as the people who come to us for support – with very few open public green spaces in the surrounding area.

We look forward to making the most of our new community garden in 2020, with exciting new activities planned for this year, including:

– A therapeutic gardening club for local people struggling with mental health issues
– Indoor and outdoor activities during school holidays for local families 
– Creative and cultural opportunities for local people to enhance the space through artworks, performances, and play

You can support new work in our community spaces helping local people build a farier and happier East London. Click below to give a gift. 

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