Senior Money Mentors

Senior Community Money Mentors

Senior Money Mentors is a Tower Hamlets based financial education programme for older people aged 55 or over and in retirement. The project aims to provide people with the skills to better manage their finances, maks savings, avoid scams and find the best possible offers and financial services. They are then trained to share this newfound knowledge with other older people in their community.

Senior Money Mentors aims to fill this gap by meeting the financial education needs of older people in a way they will find engaging. The course will:


Clients from the Linkage Plus Partnership of older people’s centres in Tower Hamlets to train as Senior Money Mentors


Senior Money Mentors in identifying scams, planning ahead for life events and welfare benefits; over a period of 10 weeks

Work alongside

We then work with the Senior Money Mentors to develop resources and lesson plans for use in sharing their newly found knowledge.


Senior Money Mentors to share their knowledge to at least 50 other service users, in total, at their older people’s
centre through peer – learning sessions

From our first Senior Money Mentors Course that we run last year. We found that:

I found it very interesting because first of all we were learning about scamming. You can get scammed in lots of different ways, through the door, letters and a lot of scamming people don’t realise when they’re being scammed so it’s good to have your eyes open to see this. Even me, I learnt something about banking, which I didn’t know, talking about different projects, talking about funerals, burials and how to manage your money, things like that.”

Senior Money Mentor

For more information or to find out how you or someone one know can become a Senior Money Mentor, email