Informal ESOL Teacher Volunteer

Informal ESOL Teacher Volunteer

This is a volunteer role and no remuneration is offered. Toynbee Hall will reimburse phone expenses that incurred following the conversation calls.

Tenure: This is an open-ended role, but requires a commitment to a minimum tenure to be set by Toynbee Hall, and is subject to periodic review to ensure that both Toynbee Hall and the volunteer are happy with the work being done. Each volunteer will agree with the client the times of their lessons, depending on the needs of the client and the availability of the volunteer. This is expected to be one hour per week.

Location: Home based.

Toynbee Hall is a community organisation that pioneers ways to reduce poverty and disadvantage. Based in the East End of London, we work alongside people who live here, to tackle unfairness and make this a place where everyone has an equal chance to thrive. We take an asset-based approach to our work, and believe everyone has something valuable to offer in the fight for a fairer London. What we learn from our work in London we use to influence change across the UK.

After having to close our vibrant community centre due to the COVID-19 crisis, we were unable to continue with our newly formed Conversation Club, aimed at helping people to practise speaking English in a relaxed setting. The Conversation Club model plays a complementary role to formal ESOL provision. There is still a need for our clients to improve their English speaking and writing skills and being able to do this by telephone or computer enables clients and volunteers to work safely from home while we work to adapt our provision in the light of current restrictions.

You will need to be a friendly, approachable person with a good knowledge of the English language who can plan (with the use of provided resources) lessons that are relevant to your ESOL learner. You will need to record basic details of lessons and pass on any issues that come up to the Community Team.
In exchange you will get to volunteer in an organisation that really cares about the difference it makes. You will be part of a diverse team of staff and volunteers that are attempting to offer holistic support to the people of East London in order to make this a fairer place to live. You will be managed in a supportive way, and provided with training and supervision opportunities.

Role Purpose:
You will be delivering regular informal English lessons by telephone or computer to a member of the local community and getting to know their learning needs. You will complete a post call report after each call, and liaise with the Community Team at Toynbee Hall to follow up any issues that the person you are working with has raised.

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