Develop Your Idea

Develop Your Idea

Are you between the ages of 16-25 years old? Do you live in East London and have a social issue that you want to act on but don’t know where to start? Join When We Speak to access resources to turn your fantastic ideas into a project! The following resources and support is available:

Learning Seminars (Vol’s)

When We Speak offers a series of open nights at Toynbee Hall or virtually, where experienced activists and community organisers share their journey, how they got started, how they organise and run their actions. In 2019 we had some excellent guests including campaigners from, grassroots activist from Goldsmiths Anti-Racist Action, London Campaign Against State and Police Violence and Y-STOP. Keep posted for the 2021 schedule of incredible activists!


Our clinics are designed to help you move forward with your project when you get to a point where you need advice from someone with specific skills or experience. We prioritise providing clinic sessions to people who have engaged with us already on developing their change projects. A clinic will be the opportunity to book a 20 or 30-minute slot to get project specific from an experienced professional your the field. We know that professional advice is invaluable but can normally come at a hefty price tag and our limited capacity to provide advice is always free. We may not always have the capacity to offer advice to people who have not previously engaged in volumes or project planning with the programme but are always happy to take enquires.

Coaching & Skills Development

Changing the world or even your local community takes more than just the will. There are a huge range of skills needed in order to develop a project and execute it well. We are committed to helping young people who want to make a difference develop those skills in addition to our seminars and our financial support we offer coaching and skills development to any young person who comes to us with an idea. That can be informal support from our youth team around project invitation, development and execution or for people who are interested in the opportunity to progress towards an accreditation in change-project management.


Young people from East London who have shown commitment to the programme will get the opportunity to be assigned an experienced mentor, who has done significant work on the issue the you are interested in. The mentor relationship will include regular meet-ups which will support your exploration of activism, project management and networking! When We Speak’s first mentor evening was a huge success thanks to Hodan Styrene, Zahra Bei and Josina Calliste. We are extremely grateful for all the knowledge and expertise shared with the young activists to help with their social impact projects.

Financial Support

Are you looking for financial support to test your social project? Have you experienced structural inequalities? Micro-grants of up to £500 are provided to young people/groups of young people to develop and run your own change project! This grant can be used to execute a pop up stall, an event, app or toolkit and in the process test your idea for change. In order to receive the micro-grant your project must have an identified issue, a proposed solution that is informally pitched to a group of staff and have lived experience of systematic oppression. You are not expected to know all the details of your project when joining When We Speak, the 1 to 1 coaching will help you brainstorm and refine all of your great ideas!