Your Community, Your Celebration Friday 28th December 10am – 3pm

Your Community, Your Celebration Friday 28th December 10am – 3pm

Everyone is welcome, bring your friends, family members, and knock on a neighbour’s door if you think they are lonely….

Friday 28th December 10am – 3pm

Toynbee Hall Wellbeing Centre, 52 Old Castle Street, London, E1 7AJ

The East End has always had a proud tradition of community events where we share food, music and come together to celebrate what a diverse, inclusive and welcoming place this is to live. This year join us for a free community funday & celebrate the end of 2018 with people from 0-101 who live and work round here.

What you can expect:

  • Neighbourhood pot luck – bring a dish that means something to you, and try your neighbours cooking too!
  • A good old fashioned ‘knee’s up’ sing along
  • Crafts, Games & Prizes suitable for everyone aged 0-101

How can I help?

We want everyone to have a great time on the 28th – here are some ways you could contribute to that……

  • Tell your friends and neighbours about the party. Arrange to meet them here. Give them this flyer – or put it on a community noticeboard.
  • Bring food to share, or unwanted gifts as extra prizes for games.
  • Invite someone who you think will have been alone over the bank holiday, help them get here if you can.
  • Be friendly and welcoming on the day. Say Hello to someone you haven’t met before.
  • Can you play an instrument – or dance – are you brilliant at card tricks or face painting? Contact Sam before the 20th on or pop into the wellbeing centre to chat to Agnes or Simon about how your talent can add to the day!


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