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The Community Money Matters Radio Show

In conversation with Ripon Ray on Betar Bangla Radio.

We are delighted to introduce our new Bengali radio show, Community Money Matters, A show about helping you avoid money problems and take back control.

With a mix of live guests, phone-ins and down-to-earth impartial advice on a range of issues, Community Money Matters is Delivered to you in an open, easy-going conversation.

Join us and listen on the last Thursday of every month between 4pm & 5pm on Betar Bangla 1503am

Forthcoming topics:

25 January - Credit Card and Loan Debts
22 February - Council Tax Arrears and Bailiffs
29 March - Money Scans and Fraud

You can also read the latest Community Money Matters blogs on a range of debt topics.

The Community Money Matters Podcast

April 2018 - Scams

Ripon is joined by Marc Lancaster, a representative of Tower Hamlets' policy team to discuss the possible pitfalls of private renting of a flat or house

March 2018 - Council Tax and Bailiffs

This month, Ripon looks at how we can tackle problems which can arise from council tax becoming like poll tax, with no consideration of ability to pay.

Guest speakers: Marc Frances (Director of Zacchaeus Trust 2000) and Joanna Robinson.


February 2018 - Post Christmas Debt


December 2017 - Loan Sharks and Debt

November 2017 - Debt and Disability

October 2017 - Budgeting and getting the best deal:

August 2017 - Mental Health and Debt:

If you have a question for Ripon, call the show live to ask a question on our studio hotline 020 7791 5170

For more information on the show or if you would like to be a guest, please email the shows host and Toynbee Hall Debt Advisor Ripon Ray.