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How we have helped others

City Advice helps a wide range of people with their problems everyday. Here's just some of their stories.

City Advice staff

Rahanna’s story

"I emailed City Advice for help about a dispute with my employer over statutory sick pay. I became ill due to complications with my pregnancy but my employer refused to pay me for any sick days as I hadn’t told them I was pregnant. I didn’t know what my rights were but thankfully City Advice were able to explain my entitlements and they also helped me to draft a letter to my employer.  It worked,  my employer paid me all my statutory sick pay which was such a relief."

Mohammed’s story

"I was in a bad way when a neighbour suggested I call City Advice for help. I have a long term health condition and I had just received a letter telling me that I wasn’t considered eligible for Disability Living Allowance. This was a real blow for me as I was struggling with my condition and finances and I was really anxious about my future.

City Advice did more than advise me, they took the time to help me to appeal my claim and thankfully I won and even got some backdated pay. I don’t know what I would have done without them."

Charlie's story

"I got in touch with City Advice for help with a dispute with my mobile phone company. As my contract had run its course I was keen to try another provider but when I informed my mobile phone company they charged me a fee even though the contract period had expired. I tried to deal with this myself but the phone company kept insisting that I had renewed the contract by phone when I hadn't. I eventually contacted City Advice who helped me to follow the phone company's complaint procedure. We sent a recorded letter outlining my complaint and the phone company responded, admitting there had been an error and offering me a full refund. I was so pleased and really appreciated the calm and professional aproach of the City Advice team."

Shamiya's story

Shamiya contaced us when she received a County Court action for utility arrears of over £2,000. Shamiya's debt had escalated as the utility meter hadn't been read for some time resulting in an unexpected bill that she couldn't afford to pay. She contacted the utility company to try and resolve the issue but the dispute rumbled on without a resolution until she received the summons to appear in court.

Shamiya contacted our advice line and met with one of our advisers. After a brief assessment we were able to challenge the action of the utility company and as a result we secured a reduction in the original charge from £2,000 to £800. We also came to an agreement to pay back the rest of the debt in an affordable monthly sum which enabled Shamiya to clear her debt over a fixed period of time.

Albert's story

"I visited the City Advice drop-in for help when my benefits were stopped.  It’s a long story but I suffer from severe depression as I was imprisoned and tortured for my political beliefs. I have no family in the UK as I had to leave them all behind when I came here in 2001.

When I first went to City Advice I was in a bad situation. I had no money and I was getting into arrears with my rent. City Advice were able to help me to appeal the decision and get my benefits reinstated. I cannot begin to think what I would have done if I had not found them. Life is better now and I hope to be able to afford to see my family this year."

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